A little bit about me.

I’m putting this site together (well, my pal Breagle is) because my 2 computers are littered with stuff, so rather than try pathetically to try and find a relevant publisher I thought if it’s on-line at least it’s theoretically available. And I might have inherited a slight tendency to hoard from my Granny, Kathleen Dowling

So, a short bio:

1951  …. born into a large middle class family … father a piano teacher, mother a full time parent; grew up happily in a village on the edge of the Yorkshire Moors (Oswaldkirk).

1969  … left school (Ampleforth College, where my pa taught), to work for Arthur Dooley in Liverpool; various factory jobs until…

1976 … married Veronica from York

1982 … moved to Scotland with young family; worked as self-employed welder, with 3 years out at Newcastle Uni, to study Art.

1986 … full time making stoves. Still sort of doing that, here in Galloway, SW Scotland.

Hobbies: painting, writing (a bit), and of course, being a baby boomer, playing guitar. Oh, and stoves I suppose.

Kids: two off, both musicians. Clare has moved back round here, plays with the Moot; Will (Dee) in Bordeaux, with grandson Oscar. Both much better than me, so I hang on to their coat tails.

… unremarkable!